This is my first Legacy challenge and the start of a great adventure!!

I wanted to follow Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge rules for this, to the best of my ability, but I did start with two married Sims. I did this for two reasons: 1, I wanted an actual Bob Newbie to go with my Betty Newbie, for nostalgic “remembering the original Sims” sake. 2, my first legacy save got corrupted; restarting this way was the only way I wanted to try again. I was (and still am!) super bummed that my first ever attempt at the challenge and a blog got hit like that, at the beginning of Generation 3!

The rules for my Legacy are:

Strict Matriarchy: ONLY females may inherit. Males may NEVER inherit under any circumstances. If for some reason the current heir does not produce an eligible child, the closest female cousin will become the heir and must move into the Legacy home.

Strict Traditional: ONLY direct bloodline may inherit. No adopted or foster kids can EVER be eligible.

Heir Law: I chose random, and am hoping that before the next generation I have a few readers so we can have it change to Democracy, where you all vote for your choice of heir every new generation!! Otherwise, I may change this to the Merit rule, where the eligible heir is determined based on skills and grades earned in school.

Traits: I will be using the Pinstar Random Trait Generator for any possible heiress born under my control. I choose the one that does all traits at once to make it easier to plan for my story. Male Sims may never inherit, so sometimes I may choose their traits myself, as long as they are not able to marry an heiress (brothers, etc).

One Pinstar rule I will be breaking is that my Sims can marry whoever they want, and I may keep whatever money they may bring in. Otherwise I intend to stick to this challenge’s rules exactly.

I hope you enjoy this story as it gets going! The first few chapters of the restart¬†should be up today! You will always be able to access the newest chapter here on this page, and return to the very first chapter here as well.¬† (‘here” will be an actual link once I have the chapters in.)